When I get inspired I write a poem or a story. From that I create music.
Here I represent my feelings that are in my pieces.

 After The Rain
  When you are depressed, you find you are walking with your head down.
But cheer up!
After the rain there will be a rainbow.

  There are not only joy and fun but also pain and sorrow.
That's our life.
They make our life wonderful.

 Behind The Silence
  I had thought disasters could not be prevented but, in fact, we cause them, too.
We have to listen more to the messages that Nature is sending.

 Being Alone
  Whenever you are down, have a serene faith in yourself
- you will find the door to open.

  I live believing everything.

 Billy's Dream
  I was playing the piano when a kitty dropped in. I call him Billy.
He is staring at the sea with his adventurous eyes.

 Blue Sky
  The day when the sky is blue everybody who we meet is brotherly.
We walk hand in hand towards the blue sky,
joining more and more people singing.

  When the Eastern sky brightens, the sun will come up.
I thank Nature for giving us another day in this song.

 Dream Train
  May the dream trains continue traveling whole world!

 Every Moment With You
  I want to share every moment with you.

  Roses are grown up with a great care and dandelions are growing
on the edge of the path.
Yet both are beautiful.
The beauty of life must be seen the way it is.

  There are wonderful meetings in our lives.
And my music is supported by those beautiful meetings and you who love it.
I thank you!

 Good Day!
  Have a good day today!

 Good Luck
  On an autumn day a couple made their minds to follow their own dreams
separately with exchanging this word.

 Hello Baby
  My generation of friends are becoming mothers.
Bless the babies who have unlimited possibilities.

 I Always Think About You
  Surely I mean it!

 In The Wind
  There are days when strong winds blow around us.
We can oppose them with our willpower.

  I wish I can speak many languages
even though my own language is difficult enough.

  When you start something new, you feel fresh.
Just like a lemon with energy.

 Little Journey
  One day I saw the rainbow.
While it's there I was wondering where it's from,
if I could walk through it, if I could catch it.
Then I found myself taking a little journey with a magic carpet!

 Love For You
  A love song.

 Lovely Dance
  When I am happy I love to express that.
I may be shy when people are around.
Still I see myself singing Lovely Dance and skipping with the rhythm.

  This song is the scream of a manatee that wants to go back to
Nature from a tiny aquarium.
Yet I realize his scream is a caution for us all.

  This one is for a cool guy who is always going on his own way.

 My Country
  Tune for my loving country that guards us like a lullaby.

  On a TV program I saw the word"Oviri" (means Wild in Tahitian)
which was on a tomb of Paul Gauguin, the painter.
Only one word, and it made me to compose this piece.
I saw his house that time, too, and it showed the root of his unique brush.
I like to visit there someday.

  There is a place of peace for everybody.
Any time it welcomes you.

  Imagin the moment when the rain stops.
A rainy day is fun, too.

 Something Will Happen Tonight
  The theme of my performance series "Something Will Happen Tonight".

 Spring Dream
  When spring has come I feel gentle and relaxed.
It is a sign that something good may happen.

 Spring Feel
  Tune from my super joy and happiness. Feeling to step around lightly.

 Strange Heart
  In spring, somehow I feel strange.
Under the cherry blossomes flying about I feel shaky.

 Summer Holiday
  When I was a child I loved summer vacations very much.
I like to be curious and adventurous always.

  I visited Auvers-sur-Oise in the suburbs of Paris
and felt the presence of Van Gogh deep inside.
This song came from that feeling.
The madder sky and the silence of town were illusory.
Van Gogh’s thoughts are in the town where he lived, in people’s minds,
and exist eternally in his works.

 Sun Shower
  You will be alright when the Sun shines upon you.
The nature power.

 Tales From Here
  "Follow your heart freely,it's your start."
When I stepped into the professional music business, I told this to myself.

 Talking Shoes
  Our shoes go anywhere at anytime with us.
After we return home they may be chattering each other. Listen to them.

 This Time
  This moment will never be again. So I like to take count of each moment.

 Tropical Soda
  Clear air, splash and a white line after a small boat with rythm.
My old memory when I wan a kid.

 With The Wind
  I planned for the violin to play the melody.
My daily life is busy, still in my heart I like to have a space to feel the seasons
just like spending time in the breeze.

 With Your Smile Like A Child
  Smile of a child is shining. It's pure and no worry.
I wish to have such a smile forever.

  Every woman is born having the sense to give birth and grow lives.
I like to be a woman holding people,
a tough mother and to be proud of being a woman.

 Wonderful Day
  May your day be wonderful!

 Woods Where Birds Fly
  We have been loosing forests around us.
Nature gives us energy and makes our minds grow richer.
I like forests to be around us whenever I can hear birds are flying and singing.
I composed this one with the sounds from the forest.