Miyuki Onitake
Composer, Arranger and Pianist

Graduated from Tokyo University of Science with a BS degree in Mathematics.
In 1992, Miyuki left her position as a systems engineer with Canon, Inc and began a new career as a professional musician.

- 1998 she formed a trio of her own, a trio, that included Gregg Lee (bass), and Tomohiro Yahiro (percussion).

- 2002 she established her own company, Eternal Music Records where she produced her first Trio CD titled, "Beautiful Life" with completely new music. This CD was warmly received by music fans.
She worked on a documentary program about Leukemia for TV Tokyo where she arranged and played her own music.

- 2004 she released her second CD titled "Little Journey", also warmly received by her fans and public.

- 2005 she composed the music for the song "Ukatsu Deshita", used in the film "Umoregi" (The Buried Forest), directed by Kohei Oguri, which was exhibited officially at the 58th Cannes Film Festival.

- 2007 she arranged the music for a symphony orchestra and performed with it at the International Music Festival at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

- 2008 she released her third CD titled of "Eternal Ones", which has pleased her fans and garnered new ones.

- 2009 she started to compose, arrange and play the themes on piano, "Path of Water" and "We Are All Connected" for the Panasonic's message videos. These videos are shown at Panasonic's events all over the world.

- 2010 she formed a new group, a duo with the artistic name of "Miyuki & Gladston". Her new partner is a Brazilian singer/song writer by the name of Gladston Galliza, who presently resides in Madrid, Spain. The duo performed in Madrid, and has completed 16 performances in Japan. Performances and interviews have been broadcast in 190 countries through Planeta Brazil. (Check it out!)

- 2011 "Miyuki & Gladston" released their first CD together titled, "Alvorada". They have also toured Japan this year with 29 performances throughout the country.

- 2012 She started her action as "1 minute piece, Happiness is ..." with Hideo Mori, the photographer and sent whole 36 pieces for three years on Internet. (Check it out!)

- 2013 She released her fifth CD titled "Happiness is…, ~each one of days, each tomorrow~".

- 2015 She composed the second school song "The promise to the future" for Tokyo University of Science.

She released her sixth CD titled "Happiness is2…, ~each one of days, each tomorrow~".

Miyuki continues to work with well-known singers as a composer, arranger and producer. She also continues to perform as a pianist.
She enjoys collaborating with individuals from different fields of interest like Shuntaroh Torigoe, the journalist, Hideo Mori, the photographer and Yuichi Itoh, the animator.

Miyuki is also popular with children who attend her special concerts for them.

Her Extempore Compositions on stage and live remain a great draw.
Not only is Miyuki a talented pianist, but a unique composer of melodious music that attracts all ages and backgrounds to her performances.